micro screwsGiven plastic’s unique properties, the screws used in plastic manufacturing must have unique properties as well. Threading plastic is not the same as threading plastic or wood, so special screws are needed to fully pierce the material’s surface. Whether looking for regular or micro screws, use this guide to select the right screw for your job.

  • PT: This type of screw has fairly sharp threads, allowing it to drive into the plastic easily without creating flakes. It also holds in place well, as the angle of the threads reduces vibrational loosening. These screws are also created to resist relaxing over time, which can happen with screws that hold the plastic more loosely.
  • Plastite: These custom screws for plastics are specifically designed with widely spaced threads to drive into materials with ease. Users can also drive the screws deep into harder plastics. The spacing between the threads is also designed to hold the screw in place and reduce vibrational loosening.
  • Hi-Lo: A common option for tiny screws, hi-low models have smaller diameters, creating smaller holes in the plastic. This product has double threads angled at 30 degrees, which is optimal for reducing material displacement and creating positive thread engagement.
  • Delta PT: The Delta PT is the next step up from the PT, offering even more flake-reduction and holding capabilities. The threads on this screw have a lower angle, further displacing the plastic. These threads also hold in place well, and the newer models of this screw type can withstand stress even better.
  • P-Type: These types of screws generally have a wide threat-cutting slot and edge, as well as larger spaces between the threads. This keeps plastic chips from getting stuck between the threats, allowing the screw to cut freely without major fracturing.

Selecting the best micro screws for your manufacturing project can make or break the structural integrity of the product. If you are not satisfied with any of the available choices, customs set screws are also an option. By customizing your screws, you can make even the most undersized screw effective in holding plastic materials. This effort will keep your products strong and your customers satisfied with the results. Call a custom small screw specialist or screw manufacturer today to see how you can improve your products.

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