With a growing diversity in industrial requirements, you need to have a variety of hardware to do a job. There are tons of different types of custom screws and fasteners on the market, and all you really need to do is go online to find the right one for you.

Some of these fasteners have a variety of applications, like shoulder screws and shoulder bolts. They’re used in a great many areas, even in some that require rotation and locking screws.

These can be created by a custom crew manufacturer, who will give you a number of custom shoulder bolt options. They will have a lot of features and makes, especially for the type of head that you want. You can get a screwdriver compatible one or one that requires a specialty tool to screw and remove.

But the most important aspect of these screws will remain the same –the rivet and the shoulder bolt’s shaft.

Regular screws have a threading that is present across the entire body, but custom shoulder bolts‘ threads disappear before the head, leaving a smooth, round, shape between the head and the threading. And this is because they’re used in a variety of fields, like the automotive industry, and can be used for pulleys, moving parts, and linkages. They need the smooth form to allow easy rotation.

This smoothness doesn’t impact their ability to do the job, however, or the strength of their pre-load. That is, the measure of the axial load imparted on a fastener. Typically this is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI) and creates tension. A custom shoulder bolt still falls into the commonly accepted 80% to 85% yield strength.

These kinds of bolts can also be used in unexpected places, like furniture. They’re giving a wooden head, and this can help them get locked inside and blend in. They also can be found in wooden structures on children’s playgrounds.

If you’re working in an industry that requires you to use a variety of tools and instruments to get the job done, then this is the bolt for you. It can be used in nearly any field and customized to fit your needs. Reach out to a manufacturer today.

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