custom fastener optionsOur world relies on technology to do everything from getting us to work to communicating with each other over long distances. And while a large amount of these things are accomplished with big, powerful machinery, the more personal items often come in a small package.

And that’s where tiny screws and custom fasteners enter our lives.

Glasses, consumer electronics, these all require small parts and components to work, and those small items need miniature screws to hold them together. But, like with larger products, those items need to be stable to keep them from rattling around and being damaged. That’s what a fastener does, provide stability.

So you need custom fastener options like thread lockers, both the inert and the reactive styles, to resist vibration and shock-related slippage and movement. These custom fastener options are added to small screws when you’re assembling things like your glasses or your phone.

They’re also used in computer mainframes and servers, two of the most important things in the modern world. As more and more data goes into the cloud or online storage, data centers that can support the massive amounts of storage are needed. That information needs to be stored somewhere. The towering servers that make up something like cloud storage are held together by small screws, unseen by the average person.

These screws are in demand from a variety of industries outside technology and electronics, too. Like the optics industry, where they hold together vision-improving glasses or sunglasses that keep your eyes protected. They also appear in some toys, holding objects like action figures together.

The consumer electronics market is massive and growing larger annually, especially with the launch of new products like the latest smartphones. It amounts to billions of dollars every year, meaning that the tiny screw and custom fastener markets are likewise large and growing. You can’t have an iPhone without the screws holding it together.

So when you’re looking at your iPhone or Android, or just inspecting the music players at the mall or local electronics store, consider what’s holding them together. Chances are you’re interacting with these miniature screws and fasteners every day without knowing.

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