Tiny Screws: The Fasteners That Hold Our World Together

Believe it or not, but there is one thing that is holding the world as we know it together: tiny screws. From your glasses to most of your consumer electronics, these miniature screws are in many ways the glue that keeps our technologically dependent society together. These miniature screws also make the disassembly of many objects possible, which allows for inspections, periodic tightening, and cleaning, among many other things.

If you are curious about just how much you interact with micro fasteners on a daily basis, read on to find out where they can commonly be found.


If you’ve ever opened up your laptop, kitchen appliances, or other small electrical devices, you’ve probably noticed the miniature screws that hold the shell of the object on and keep many of the parts firmly in place. These are necessary to reduce the friction of moving parts, withstand trauma and impact, and of course, to generally keep it in one piece.

Computer Mainframes and Servers

A lot of what happens on the Internet or in the cloud is actually happening in a real time location, usually in a large server or computer mainframe. And while these facilities and machines are massive, delicate hardware is held in place by very small screws. So not only are these small screws holding together our physical portals to the technoscape, but the actual infrastructure that makes it possible in the first place.


The optics industry is huge, and not just because a lot of people wear glasses. Although, tiny screws do keep frames on millions of glasses wearers around the world. Optic technology is also leading the industry with technology such as touch screen software, virtual reality, and other interactive innovations. And when it comes to manipulating light and images, precision in angles and pressure is very important. That precision just wouldn’t be possible without micro fasteners.

By the end of this year, the revenues for consumer electronics and appliance rentals is projected to reach about $5.7 billion. Tiny screws come in dozens of varieties, from the UNC (United National Coarse) 6-32 standard to the self tapping screw that keeps fans attached to computer casings.

We are increasingly surrounded by gadgets and gizmos that are dependent on many varieties of micro screws, from our computer to our smartphones. And if you ever wear glasses or sunglasses, these small screws are literally right underabove your nose.

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