custom screws If you’re working on projects that require a degree of finesse or several small parts, chances are you’ll be working with specialty custom screw options. These could be micro screws, which are very small screws for things like electronics, or a Delta PT screw, which has 50% more torsional and tensile strength for the same diameter fastener.

Custom screws have a lot of different types that can be made just for your project, and so they have a lot of different designs. These custom screws are generally ordered from a screw manufacturer, specialty style.

The two types of screws we’ll be talking about here are Industrial Tapping Screws and Thread Cutting Machine Screws. Each has its own set of benefits and applications.

Tapping Screws
Tapping screws come in several types. There is Type A, Type AB, and Type B, and each has its own characteristics.

  • Type A: A thread forming screw for use in thin metal, things like sheet metal, impregnated plywood, resin, and others. Not recommended for new designs.
  • Type B: Used in heavier metals, larger root diameter than Type A, and with a finer thread pitch for light and heavy sheet metals, plastics, castings, and other such materials.
  • Type AB: A combination of A and B, with the location point of Type A and the size and pitch of Type B. It has the same limitations as Type B, however, and so one should make sure to research both screws if intent on purchasing.

Thread Cutting Screws
These custom screws also come in several types, including Type 1, Type 17, Type 23, Type 25, and Type F.

  • Type 1: A thread cutting screw that has a single flute for general use.
  • Type 17: A cutting screw typically used with wood and has a coarse screw thread, and a long, sharp point to capture chips.
  • Type 23: A cutting screw that offers maximum thread cutting area, and excellent chip clearing. It offers these features with minimum torque when tightening.
  • Type 25: Very similar in design to Type 23, but with a coarse Type B thread. It is often used for soft materials with large cutting edges.
  • Type F: A thread cutting screw with a blunt, tapered point. It is used for heavy gauge sheet metal, aluminum, zinc, and lead, as well as cast iron and other such materials.

These are just some of the many types of custom screws that one can get if they contact the right manufacturer. There’s a screw for every job that one could do, and for every material that one could use.

If you have any questions about these screws, or about getting a hold of your own custom screws, contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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