custom fastenersWhether you’re working on a home project or assembling something in a factory, you want to make sure you’re working with the right tools. Sometimes you need screws smaller than what can be found on the traditional market, or specialty fasteners that come with pre-added washers, to avoid the hassle of adding them yourself.

For these reasons, there are a number of custom fastener options.

Custom fasteners come in many different shapes and sizes. From tiny screws like micro screws to custom shoulder bolts of a slightly larger size. These custom fasteners also often had unique benefits for each individual design, like the PT® screw, which features a 30-degree thread angle. This helps reduces radial stresses, provide increased thread depth, lowers installation torque, and improves material flow.

The specialty companies that produce these fasteners and screws have the ability to shape them in many ways and still allow them to work effectively. Things like an ultra-thin head, with a pan head thickness down to 0.2mm, or creating a screw in a hard to find size, like custom M0.6 to M6 and beyond.

They can even make these screws out of a number of materials, including stainless steel, if you need a stronger metal for your project.

This can be incredibly important for companies that work with small, fragile, but key components and parts. The strength of the screw holding the item together can dramatically effective its resilience to internal damage. Having a small screw, like a micro screw, that is strong and reliable can mean the difference between a durable, lasting product, and a short-lived and fragile one.

The ability to obtain items like custom SEMS screws, screws that have washers built in, in all matter of sizes is important. That, as stated above, can remove the hassle associated with dealing with small, annoying, washers and screws. You just need to screw them in and finish or continue working.

Many custom manufacturers of screws have standards that exceed even the industry standard, as they have custom machines that allow them to work with materials often not considered for screws. This makes them more durable, and less likely to strip when applying force.

So if you’re looking at a project that requires a small screw, consider getting them custom made. You can get discounts for bulk purchases at more locations.

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