custom screw optionsThe growth of every different industry leads to new developments in technology and application. The phone went from being a humble machine using landlines with switchboards all the way to a personal computer capable of taking calls, text, and accessing the internet. You might think that there is no way screws could have had such exciting advancements, but you’d be wrong. So, what are some important technological advancements in fastening technology?

Wood screws were the pioneers of fastening technology. They were utilized in wine presses and devices that needed to gradually press down with increasing force. If you’ve ever seen a modern-day cider press, think of that, but only made of wood.

Jesse Ramsden invented a screw lathe in the 18th century. This allowed for mass production to begin, and with that, mass adoption.

The problem was that every company was cutting proprietary screw threads to create brand loyalty.

This changed in 1928 when the National Screw Thread Commission established a new standard screw thread measurement. This made it so all screws of the same size could be used interchangeably, regardless of brand.

The Phillips Head was developed to be used in automotive assembly lines in the 1930s. It featured a much stronger capacity for torque from machines.

Now there are hundreds of custom screw options! Anything from micro screws that are millimetrically precise, to SEMS screws which have a washer or set of washers built in right under the screw head to screws that have landed on the moon! This fascinating fastening miniature screw technology holds together the phone in your pocket, the beds in a hospital, the walls of your house, and the very computer you are reading this on.

If you have any two things that you would like to fasten together with micro-screws, see our custom screw options on our EZ Screw Builder. You can even provide us with drawings of your custom screws to work from! As with any developing technology, we strive to improve the screw and help us reach new innovative solutions to real-world problems.

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