Cold Connections: Why Jewelry Makers Are Using Micro Screws in Their Designs

We rely on micro fasteners and small screws numerous times throughout our day. They’re in our computers, our phones, our televisions, our appliances, and just about any technological device we use on a near constant basis. In fact, the revenue stream just from the rental of consumer electronics and appliances in the U.S. was estimated to reach $5.7 billion last year. From those rentals alone, it’s easy to imagine how much we unconsciously come into contact with miniature screws.

But there are other ways to use these micro screws, too. They’re starting to be utilized more often in art and fashion: specifically, in the realm of jewelry making. While many artisans continue to use the process of soldering (the method of joining two metals together by melting a filler placed between them) to create their pieces, others prefer cold connections.

Like the name suggests, cold connections do not require intense heat like soldering does. This method also tends to be a lot quicker and doesn’t require as much finish work. Therefore, jewelry makers can finish their pieces faster, which can lead to a better revenue stream. Although cold connections don’t work with every type of design, it can be a great solution when working with metals that cannot be soldered together, like aluminum or materials with an enamel finish.

Although there are several different kinds of cold connections, one of the most popular involves the use of micro screws. They provide a more industrial look that works well with other metals and earthier materials. And because it’s possible to get micro fasteners made of steel, brass, or copper, this allows artisans to have more control over the final look of their pieces.

Many artisans prefer to have threaded micro screws, as these tend to be more forgiving. And while most jewelry makers tend to go for a more standard size, we can make custom micro fasteners that will work for any project or product. Creating a cold connection for jewelry making is fairly straightforward: just drill a correctly sized hole, insert your micro screw, and tighten. Then, snip off whatever excess is left and smooth, if appropriate.

At U.S. Micro Screw, we often work on large-scale projects, getting companies the custom screws they need. But since we offer 1,000 piece minimums for our custom options, our products are ideal for artisans, too. To find out more about how our micro screws can help you in your work or your passion, contact us today!

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