How Screws Are Made: Custom Screws and Traditional

We’ve talked a lot about the various types of custom screw options that we have available, from our micro screws to our custom shoulder bolts. But one topic that has never been discussed is how we create these tools, or how screws are created in general. Creating a custom screw the size of a micro […]

What Are Shoulder Bolts And Why You Need Them?

With a growing diversity in industrial requirements, you need to have a variety of hardware to do a job. There are tons of different types of custom screws and fasteners on the market, and all you really need to do is go online to find the right one for you. Some of these fasteners have […]

Tiny Screws: The Mini Force You Didn’t Know You Were Using

Our world relies on technology to do everything from getting us to work to communicating with each other over long distances. And while a large amount of these things are accomplished with big, powerful machinery, the more personal items often come in a small package. And that’s where tiny screws and custom fasteners enter our […]

Android Now Has 85% Market Share in the Smartphone Market

Apple may still be one of the world’s most profitable and largest companies, but in the fight for the smartphone market share, Android still reigns as king. The latest reports from the International Data Corporation, or IDC, shows that Android held 85% of the smartphone market in Q1 of 2017. Despite the popularity of the […]

A Guide To Thread Forming Screws For Plastic

Given plastic’s unique properties, the screws used in plastic manufacturing must have unique properties as well. Threading plastic is not the same as threading plastic or wood, so special screws are needed to fully pierce the material’s surface. Whether looking for regular or micro screws, use this guide to select the right screw for your […]

4 Screw Point Types You Should Know

Both standard and tiny screws are available in multiple types, all for different uses. It is important to understand the applications of each in order to select the best screw for the job you are working on. Many variables go into creating different types of screws. For example, there are two main types of thread […]

Here’s Why You Should Be Using Custom Screws And Fasteners

Whether you’re working on a home project or assembling something in a factory, you want to make sure you’re working with the right tools. Sometimes you need screws smaller than what can be found on the traditional market, or specialty fasteners that come with pre-added washers, to avoid the hassle of adding them yourself. For […]

Get The Right Screw For Your Job!

Get The Right Screw For Your Job!

When you’re working on your home you hope everything will go well — you want all the pieces to fit, all the parts to be available to you immediately, and all the tools for the job at your disposal. You don’t want to have any issues with screws, nails, the wrong set of hand drivers […]

Frustrated With Small Screws? Don’t Be!

One of the biggest hassles of assembling anything is finding the right screw. Sometimes it’s too big, too small, or you just can’t quite grip the surface right. Sometimes you need to add smaller components, like a washer, to tiny screws. It can be frustrating, working with small screws, especially if what you’re working on […]