miniature screwsApple may still be one of the world’s most profitable and largest companies, but in the fight for the smartphone market share, Android still reigns as king.

The latest reports from the International Data Corporation, or IDC, shows that Android held 85% of the smartphone market in Q1 of 2017. Despite the popularity of the iPhone, Android has actually held this position for a number of years now. They’ve consistently held between 80% and 90% of the market, with Apple’s iPhone a distant second place.

So this isn’t a very large change in the mine up for any related industries, like the custom screw manufacturers that make the miniature screws for the phones. Small and tiny screws that hold them together, as a normal sized one wouldn’t do the trick. SEMS screws, in particular, are a key part of small item construction, with their design that includes a fastener and a screw.

But while the manufacturers of miniature screws and other custom screws are walking away basically untouched, Microsoft can’t say the same IDC found. They’ve completely fallen out of relevance, according to the statistics. The market is dominated by Apple and Android.

Android gained this foothold after obtaining 81.4% of the market in the previous quarter, and the average selling price of the devices was $220. The IDC expects this to drop in the next few years, down to $198 in 2021. iPhone sales held 14.7% of the market, down from 18.2% in the quarter before.

However, there is speculation about what could happen with the launch of new iPhone models, as the IDC expects the company to ship out 240 million shipments in 2018. The launch of the iPhone 8 shouldn’t have enough market push to give Apple the edge on this immense gain, however.

The Android market share might experience a small drop, but hold out for the majority, leaving the battlefield a little more even still in the Android favor. Windows phones, the only other category on the report, are expected to drop even further than their 0.1%. This leaves them in the same ranking as the “other” category on phone sales.

So it appears that the focus of the industry experts and watchers will be on the battle between Android and Apple for the coming years.

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