custom manufactured micro screwsThe specific functions of your company’s products require a highly specified manufacturing solution. By ordering custom manufactured micro screws and fasteners, you are making your product as individual as possible. The U.S. screw, nut, and bolt industry employs 131,949 people, and all of these individuals have a role in crafting unique parts for your business.

Custom shoulder bolts are among these specialized parts.

Unlike traditional bolts and fasteners, shoulder bolts have a rotational shoulder that allows dynamic movement in your products. Often used in the mechanical, plastic molding, aerospace, and automotive industries, this product might just be the solution that your business needs.

Why Order Custom Shoulder Bolts?
While it is certainly possible to buy shoulder bolts from large-scale hardware stores, these generic products might not be an exact fit for your purpose. When you choose to customize these bolts, you are ensuring precision and an exact fit. Your customized bolt will have a head, thread, and shoulder that work in harmony. And this can boost the quality of your products.

What To Consider When Ordering Custom Bolts
Much like ordering custom manufactured micro screws, there are several factors to consider to prioritize precision:

  • Shoulder Dimensions: While the rotating shoulder adds a unique feature to the bolt, it’s important to order the correct length and diameter.
  • Material: Most shoulder bolts are made of alloy steel or similar strong alloys. Brass, stainless steel, and even plastic are other common options.
  • Hardness: You want the material you choose to be strong enough to hold up to the product’s purpose but not so hard that it isn’t flexible enough.
  • Thread Length: Just as the shoulder should have the proper dimensions, be sure to order bolts with the exact thread diameter and length that you need.
  • Drive Types: Just as with custom screws, bolts are available with different drive types. Consider hex drives, square drives, or tamperproof drives, for example.

By taking dimensional measurements several times and ensuring that the bolt is ideal for your purpose, you can use these features for higher quality products. This attention to detail can advance your business and increase customer satisfaction. Remember that customization is the key to creating a competitive edge — stay creative.

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