miniature screwThe average selling cost of screw, nut, and bolt manufacturing in the United States added up to $30 billion in 2017. For many, drilling a screw into a piece of wood, a wall, or another location may seem like a simple task. However, even though the concept is pretty simple, it’s something that can easily be messed up.

When working with miniature screws, undersized screws, tiny screws, and micro screws, there’s always a chance of breaking the board if you drill too hard, or breaking the screw itself. To prevent these things from happening, there are a few things you can do. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Drill a Pilot Hole
For many projects, mainly for ones done on cabinets and other furniture pieces, drilling a pilot hole is a common practice. Drilling a pilot hole means that you are creating a hole that will help reduce friction, making it easier for the screw to go in without risking any damage to the product or screw itself. After the pilot hole is drilled, one can countersink the hole to allow for a screw head flush to be sat with or under the surface you are drilling into.

Magnetic Bit Holders
An extremely helpful tool that is used when drilling a screw into an object is a magnetic bit holder. Found on a power drill, the magnetic bit holder will allow for stress-free and slip-free drilling. The bit holder also extends to the length of the bit, which makes it easier to get into a tight space. There are bit holders available that come with a sleeve, so if you find yourself having a problem with keeping a longer screw upright, you can easily do so with the use of the tool.

Cut out the Middle Man
When doing a project, it can be hard to hold a bunch of pieces in place for a certain amount of time. There’s only so much you can take care of and hold on your own. If you tack your parts together prior to drilling, it’ll be easier to keep everything in place without having to use too many hands. After taking the parts together, with a brad, for example, it’ll be simple to drill everything in place.

When drilling a screw, whether it’s a miniature screw or a full-sized screw, you have to be careful not to break or damage any of the pieces. Consider how much pressure you’re using when drilling a miniature screw, for example, and be aware of how fast you’re going and which pieces you’re using.

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