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5 Ways to Remove a Stripped Screw

It feels like the absolute worst when you are just about done dissembling a piece of furniture or a project, only to have your last screw get stripped and effectively stuck in the wood, no matter how much you try and wiggle it out. The breakaway torque, or the force needed to start a rotation […]

Understanding the Types of Thread Lockers Used Today

Human beings have been using threaded screws for at least 2,000 years, and you can find these vital tools in virtually every building and mechanical device on the planet. For thousands of years, the technology behind screws and fasteners remained largely unchanged. While the materials the screws were made from evolved over the millennia, the […]

Be Innovative With the Help of Our Micro Screws

Be Innovative With the Help of Our Micro Screws

Sometimes the “one size fits all” model simply doesn’t work. Product development engineers, among others, often need custom screws or micro fasteners to help design a piece they’ve envisioned. Custom screws or micro fasteners allow smaller electronic devices, glasses repair, and even small craft items like toy planes or cars to be built by hobbyists. […]